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Why do I need a root canal?

The term root canal refers to a structure deep within your tooth. So if your root canal becomes infected due to deep dental cavities, tooth fracture, or persistent gum infection, root canal therapy corrects the issue.

man getting a root canal in Mesquite officeWhat Is a Root Canal in Mesquite?

The best way to understand how root canal treatment in Mesquite, TX works is to visualize your tooth and how it functions. Your teeth must endure powerful forces so you can chew all the tough foods you need to survive. That's why each tooth has a super-hard shell called your tooth enamel. Then, your inner tooth is soft and enriched with living tissue to keep this shell alive and strong.

To support this soft tissue, known as tooth pulp, your tooth must be connected to your nervous and circulatory systems. This happens via your root canal, which is one or more slender conduits that join your tooth pulp via the root to your jaw.

 What Does Root Canal Treatment Involve?

If bacteria has worked its way into and through your tooth pulp, it inevitably enters the root, causing inflammation and pain. Root canal treatment removes all existing infection and seals your inner tooth to guard against future infections. One of our root canal dentists will use modern tools to gently clean your root canals after numbing your mouth.

This procedure results in saving your natural tooth from likely extraction. We invite you to call our Mesquite, TX dental office to learn more about root canal treatment at Fresh 32 Family Dentistry.

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