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We use leading-edge technology at Fresh 32 Family Dentistry when we know it will either educate you, improve your comfort, or improve the efficiency of our dental treatments. Please take a few minutes to see what we offer and how it benefits your oral health care and improves your overall experience.

Digital X-Rays

It's common for problems like cavities and gum disease to develop in areas that our dentist can't see with a visual examination alone. The areas Inside and between teeth and under the gums are all hidden from view, which is why Dr. Lalani recommends dental x-rays. 

At Fresh 32 Family Dentistry, we use digital x-rays for several reasons:

  • Expose patients to about 80 percent less radiation than a film x-ray
  • Show us a detailed view of what's happening inside the teeth we're treating
  • Make it easy to inform and educate patients about their dental needs
  • Help our dentist detect problems early on when they're easier to treat
  • Provide us with a visual record of a problem at a certain point in time
  • Can be safely stored in your patient record on our secure in-house network
  • Give us easy access when sending to specialists or insurance companies

If you have questions about our digital x-rays or why they're necessary, please let us know.


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Intraoral Cameras

At Fresh 32 Family Dentistry, we believe in honesty and transparency, especially related to helping you understand your unique dental needs. One way we get you involved in your own dental care is by using intraoral cameras that make you an active player in your dental exams.

While Dr. Lalani conducts your examination, he uses the intraoral camera to give you an up-close view of your mouth, enabling you to see what he sees as he checks each tooth. The images appear on your chairside monitor, and you can follow along as he looks for cavities and gum disease, points out areas of concern like worn or broken teeth, and evaluates the condition of old dental work. 

They say a picture's worth a thousand words, and it is especially true when it helps inform you and allows you to make confident decisions about your dental treatment. Since we can save the images to your patient record, they are always available for review as needed by Dr. Lalani.

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Nitrous Oxide

If you have dental anxiety or want a more relaxing dental appointment, we offer nitrous oxide, also called laughing gas. Nitrous oxide is a gas that's mixed with oxygen and inhaled through a small breathing mask. It provides a pleasant, relaxed sensation and a feeling of being removed from the sights, sounds, and activities around you.

One of the benefits of using nitrous oxide for sedation dentistry is that the effects fade away quickly after we turn off the gas flow and have you inhale pure oxygen for several minutes. Unlike other types of sedation that have lingering effects, nitrous allows you to drive yourself home from your appointment. 

If you're interested in the calming effects of nitrous, please let us know at your next appointment! 

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TVs in Treatment Rooms

Everyone can use a little pleasant distraction during their dental appointments, and we are pleased to offer TVs in all our treatment rooms. Sit back and let us do the work while you relax with your favorite shows.

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