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At Fresh 32 Family Dentistry, we offer comprehensive general dentistry in Mesquite, TX for patients of all ages, and we look forward to helping you achieve your healthiest smile!
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At Fresh 32 Family Dentistry, we are pleased to offer all the dental services that patients in Mesquite, TX need for healthy, problem-free smiles. 

Prevention Is the Key to a Healthy Smile in Mesquite, TX

Healthy smiles start with preventive dental care, and that’s where we start too. Teeth cleanings and dental exams with Dr. Lalani every six months are essential to staying a step ahead of cavities and gum disease. 

Patient education goes along with prevention because you deserve to understand your dental needs and manage them at home. When you do, you can make sound decisions about oral hygiene, diet, and other factors that support excellent oral health.

If you’re due for your next exam and teeth cleaning, call our Mesquite dental office to schedule an appointment.

Solutions for Cavities, Broken Teeth, and Missing Teeth

Our goal is for everyone to have a healthy smile, but we know it’s more of a challenge for some than others. That’s why we are prepared to provide restorative dentistry and treatments to get your smile healthy and keep it that way.

If you have a cavity, we recommend white, tooth-colored fillings that blend beautifully with your smile. If a tooth is damaged beyond what a filling can repair, our Mesquite dentist will recommend a dental crown to protect it. 

Missing teeth are a problem we should deal with promptly, and we offer dental bridges, partial dentures, and dental implants to restore your smile.

Beautiful Cosmetic Dentistry for Your Best Smile

A beautiful smile is always an asset, especially in the age of Zoom calls and social media! 

If you have imperfections like chipped, stained, or crooked teeth, Dr. Lalani offers cosmetic dentistry in Mesquite to give you a picture-worthy smile.

We would love to meet you, learn about your desires for your smile, and then create a personalized treatment plan to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. 

Please call Dr. Lalani at our Mesquite, TX dental office to schedule an appointment. We look forward to welcoming you to Fresh 32 Family Dentistry!

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