Tooth Extraction in Mesquite, TX

man holding jaw from tooth pain before extractionNone of us wants to think about losing a tooth, whether it’s due to an accident or advanced gum disease. That’s why at Fresh 32 Family Dentistry, tooth extraction is almost always a last resort procedure to protect your overall oral health.

However, if you need a tooth extraction in Mesquite, it’s good to know that there’s a caring dentist like Dr. Lalani to turn to who makes your comfort a priority. He understands that nobody wants to be in that position and does everything possible to ensure that your procedure is comfortable, efficient, and stress-free.

Why Dental Extraction Is Necessary

In dentistry, we have many ways to preserve teeth and extend their lifespan. We use tooth fillings, dental crowns, and even root canals because it’s always better for your oral health to keep tooth structure intact. 

Sometimes, however, a tooth is just too damaged or has lost support, and the healthiest solution is to remove it.

Here are some situations where Dr. Lalani may recommend tooth extraction:

  • A tooth is decayed or broken beyond what we can repair with a crown or filling
  • A tooth has become loose due to advanced gum disease
  • A tooth infection or abscess is too advanced to resolve with root canal therapy
  • Wisdom teeth are causing crowding and must be removed

We may also recommend extracting one or more teeth to prepare for dental implant placement, dentures, or orthodontic treatment.

What to Expect with Tooth Extraction

woman sitting in dental chair after tooth extractionWhen you choose an experienced dentist in Mesquite like Dr. Lalani for dental extraction, rest assured that your procedure is in the hands of a skilled professional. His primary concern is your comfort and well-being, and he will ensure that you have a stress-free procedure.

Before we begin, Dr. Lalani will numb your tooth with a strong local anesthetic so you won’t feel any pain. We also offer nitrous oxide or laughing gas at Fresh 32 Family Dentistry so you can have a calmer, more relaxing experience. Our patients prefer dental sedation with nitrous oxide because it produces pleasant feelings and doesn’t leave any drowsy after-effects.

After your tooth extraction, Dr. Lalani places a gauze pad on the tooth and asks you to bite down on it for about an hour to control bleeding. He will send you home with after-care instructions to avoid dry socket, a painful complication that you can avoid with proper care.

Do You Need a Tooth Extraction Dentist in Mesquite?

If you are in pain or have a loose tooth and suspect you need a dental extraction, call Fresh 32 Family Dentistry, so we can see you and determine our next steps. At that time, we will also be happy to discuss tooth replacement options that will help you look forward to getting back your healthy smile.