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What happens during and after a tooth extraction?

While dental extraction will never be our first choice when addressing a damaged tooth, sometimes it is necessary. You can be assured that Dr. Lalani and his team will ensure that you require the procedure and know what to do in each stage.

illustration of extraction of back toothDental Extraction Process in Mesquite

Before removing a tooth, we will review your history and perform a thorough exam. Before the procedure, Dr. Lalani will take special care to promote your comfort and address any stress you may be feeling. In addition to numbing the area of your mouth, you may also receive nitrous oxide “laughing gas” to promote calmness and leave you feeling pleasantly detached during treatment, with a quick recovery afterward.    

Tooth Extraction Aftercare and Tooth Replacement

Your top priority after a tooth extraction is to protect the open socket, which is the space left where your tooth roots have occupied. Your socket will be closed by a blood clot after the procedure, and you will need to avoid anything that could damage the clot, such as hot liquids, smoking, or drinking from a straw.

You will want to keep your mouth clean and prevent any infection from that point. Dr. Lalani will provide you with detailed instructions to promote healing. Then, you’ll want to consider your tooth replacement options to avoid secondary problems caused by a missing tooth. For example, the absence of one tooth may contribute to some drifting in the adjoining teeth as they migrate towards the space. This can lead to misalignments and possibly the loss of more teeth.

Our team can offer you several tooth replacements, including dental bridges. We encourage you to share your oral health goals with us so we can help you make the best choice for your smile.

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