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Mouth Guards - An Essential Piece of Athletic Gear

August 25, 2022
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Should I Wear a Mouth Guard? 

Have you ever seen a boxer without a mouth guard? Neither have we. And for a good reason. It is one of the most essential pieces of protective equipment that boxers carry with them. If you play organized sports or participate in contact recreational activities, Fresh 32 Family Dentistry highly recommends wearing one. Our answer is a resounding yes.

How Does a Mouth Guard Protect My Teeth?

A mouth guard helps to protect your teeth and gums from the impact of a fall or collision. Typically, a dentist designs a mouth guard to primarily protect the top teeth because the top teeth protrude further than the lower teeth and are more susceptible to impact and trauma. Upper and lower mouth guards are beneficial for high-impact sports.

A mouth guard not only softens the sharp edges of the teeth to help prevent injury, chipping, or breakage, but it also absorbs the force of a blow and disperses it throughout the mouth. When worn correctly, a properly fitting mouth guard protects the jaw joint from trauma, including dislocations and fractures.

What Type of Mouth Guard Does Dr. Lalani Recommend?

Mouth guards are easy to use and relatively inexpensive, making them a wise investment for any athlete. While many athletes choose to purchase ready-made mouth guards, custom-fitted options offer the best protection. 

By taking impressions of your teeth, Dr. Lalani makes a custom-fitted mouth guard that fits snugly and securely. The guard fits your mouth perfectly because it's customized for you. If you're looking for the best possible protection for your teeth and gums, a custom-fitted mouth guard is the way to go.

Athletic Mouth Guards in Mesquite, TX

A mouth guard is an essential piece of athletic gear. Custom-fitted mouth guards are an investment in your oral health and can help prevent costly dental damage and repairs down the road. If you are an athlete or have a child who plays sports, don't hesitate to ask Dr. Lalani about custom-fitted mouth guards. 

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