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Will my dental procedure hurt?

Dr. Lalani is a gentle, caring dentist in Mesquite whose goal is to provide comfortable dentistry for his patients. We have designed Fresh 32 Family Dentistry to be a warm and welcoming place, and we provide the same gentle treatment whether you are having a teeth cleaning or root canal. 

man smiling in dental chairYour Comfort Is Our Priority

If you haven’t visited a dental office recently, you may not realize how much the emphasis has shifted to patient comfort over the years. To help you maintain excellent oral health for a lifetime, we must provide a soothing, comfortable experience that makes you feel good about visiting the dentist. 

When it’s time for treatment, we use powerful local anesthetics that numb your tooth so you won’t feel pain during your procedure. We also offer light sedation with nitrous oxide, better known as “laughing gas.”

Knowledge and Information Empower You

Our patients also find it very helpful when we take time to explain what they can expect during a specific procedure. Anxiety often comes from a fear of the unknown, so we take that “unknown” out of the picture.

Answering your questions and being honest and open with you about what to expect also helps build trust, a crucial element of any professional relationship.

Schedule an Appointment at Our Mesquite, TX Dental Office

Dr. Lalani and his dental team would love to meet you and show you how our caring and kind approach to dentistry can benefit you. Please call us to schedule your next dental exam and teeth cleaning at our Mesquite dental office.

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