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Can I get Invisalign after braces?

Traditional orthodontic care has been around since the early 19th century, with vast improvements over the last 200 years. However, relapse after tooth alignment is much more common than most people know. Some estimates show the relapse rate after ten years to be as high as fifty percent, especially where the patient does not use a retainer as suggested by their orthodontist.

woman using invisalign in MesquiteFor people who had braces and want to restore their teeth alignment, Invisalign can be a great option. This approach to orthodontic care replaces the metal and wire appliances of the past with a series of clear plastic aligner trays. These trays are made just for you and gently move your teeth into pre-planned positions based on your initial evaluation.

The Advantages of Invisalign in Mesquite, TX

Most adults would prefer not to have a mouth full of intrusive metal wire and brackets, which is one of the main reasons we use Invisalign. A few of the other reasons are:

  • Trays are removable to make eating and teeth care easier
  • Aligners are made from a smooth and comfortable plastic
  • Because trays are planned out in advance, you require fewer trips to our dental office
  • Invisalign offers retainers to help your adjustments last longer.

To learn if Invisalign can restore your smile, we encourage you to call our dental office in Mesquite today.

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